From the Neighbors: Poussoire, Licorice and Liam are in Need of a Home


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Our neighbors Steve & Margie shared this heartbreaking story with us this weekend.

Poussoire, Licorice and Liam are sweet and lovable senior cats with adorable squeaky little meows in need of a loving guardian or two.

Sadly, the woman who loves them dearly has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and her wish is to see them be adopted into loving families.

Anyone who has ever dined at the Melrose Diner in Chicago over the last 14 years might have met this wonderful feline-lover. She would share stories of her cats’ antics with any regular diners who would listen. And at the end of each shift upon returning home, she empties the tips out of her pockets and the cats love to roll in them! She’s still working, but she said she won’t be able to continue much longer. She’s moving at the end of March to Arizona so her daughter can help care for her. She’s sadly unable to bring her cat companions with her.

Liam, a gorgeous and extremely friendly, 13-year-old, green-eyed silver tabby, and Licorice, his 13-year-old, all black sister with golden eyes, are snuggly sweet and adore each other as well as humans. They are very friendly and greet strangers at the door – just like a dog! Poussoire is a 12-year-old, shy and magnificent Calico Maine Coon who tends to hide from strangers, but loves her people and her toys.

These cats all have their claws, and have not been to a vet since May of 2009, but their veterinary care will be sponsored by Friends of Petraits! Now we just need a safe, loving home for them to live – either as a temporary foster, or permanent adoption. They all use their litter box and are wonderfully well-behaved in the home.

To meet and possibly adopt any of these lovely seniors, please contact Sheri at or 773-777-2891

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