Broadway Bank Building Transformed into “The Vault Bar” for the Filming of Chicago Fire



broadway Bank

First the Sense8 filming last month and now Chicago Fire? The neighborhood is turning into Hollywood Midwest this year!

If you haven’t had a chance to swing by yet, the vacant Broadway Bank Building is starting to look great as the Vault Bar. Can they just leave it that way when they are done filming?

We included a few details about the film shoot from the Alderman’s Office announcement yesterday. While there will be a bunch of staged emergency vehicles on Broadway, apparently nothing will be blowing up or catching on fire.

“On Tuesday March 1, the television show Chicago Fire will be shooting scenes for one of the final shows of the season at the Broadway Bank building, 5960 N. Broadway. The shoot will be from 6 am – 6 pm.

There will be parking restrictions throughout the area starting at 3 am Tuesday March 1 and lasting until 6 pm:
BOTH sides of Broadway, Thorndale to Glenlake
BOTH sides of Magnolia, Thorndale to Elmdale
BOTH sides of Elmdale, Magnolia to Broadway
BOTH sides of Thorndale, Lakewood to Broadway

Street closures will be as follows:
Broadway will be closed from Thorndale to Glenlake when filming is taking place.
There will be one lane of traffic available on the east side of Broadway at all other times.
There will also be intermittent traffic control on Elmdale, starting at Glenwood.” – 48th Ward Office

Chicago Fire Season 4 Sneak Peek Video

Lights, Camera, Action: Behind-the-Scenes look at Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire Heroic Moments Video

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