New Exhibit Featuring the Edgewater Beach Hotel Announced


Our friends over at the Edgewater Historical Society just announced their new exhibit celebrating the 100th anniversary of the opening of the famous Edgewater Beach Hotel on the shores of Lake Michigan in Edgewater. You can check it out starting on June 4th at 12 noon. They will have a reception at the Edgewater Historical Society and Museum 5358 North Ashland, Chicago.

“The Edgewater Beach Hotel opened in Edgewater on 1916 in a building designed by Benjamin Marshall and Charles Fox who owned the hotel with John Corbett and John Connery. It was managed by William Dewey from 1916 until 1952. An addition was built in 1923. It quickly became a community landmark and then a city landmark. At one time the site included a small golf course, tennis courts and beautiful gardens and playground for children.  It became famous nationwide because of the radio broadcasts from WEBH of the dance band music from the Marine dining room. In 1937 the hotel changed the upper rooms to apartments. It offered luxury accommodations for 50 years until it was torn down in 1970. The distinctive architectural style is similar to the Edgewater Beach Apartments at 5555 North Sheridan.

Exhibit materials will also be shown at  The Breakers at Edgewater Beach who is a sponsor of the exhibit. Additional showings of exhibit materials will be at the Edgewater Beach Apartments and various other Edgewater community businesses.

Among the items featured in the exhibit will be construction photos, floor plans, interior and exterior photos over the 50 years of operations,  photos of the staff and the original founders, colorful postcards, a listing of the entertainers who performed there and finally photos of the demolition.

Artifacts on display include souvenir items, China ware, table settings and other custom items made for the hotel.  Many people have contributed to the collection of photos and artifacts for this exhibit.  The exhibit will be open for regular museum hours Saturdays and Sundays 1- 4 p.m. until June 2017.  A number of special events and speakers will be presented over the year and special announcements will be sent for each one.” – Edgewater Historical Society

Photo: courtesy of the Edgewater Historical Society

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