Would You Like to See the Planned Edgewater Metra Station Become a Reality?


Our neighbor Lisa  recently sent in these 5 easy steps for making your voice heard if you would like to urge lawmakers to release funding to build the Metra stop at Peterson & Ridge as planned.

  1. Contact Governor Rauner by completing the form here. Make sure to copy and paste the letter below and indicate “support” as your position on the form.
  2. Contact Mayor Emanuel by completing the form here.
  3. Contact IDOT and Metra by completing their form here and copying and pasting the letter below.
  4. Copy O’Connor in an email at ward40@cityofchicago.org. In the subject line, type: “For your information only, sent to Rauner and IDOT.”
  5. If you have time, please contact at least a few of these lawmakers also:
    1. http://www.aldermanoconnor.com/ward­40­senators/
    2. http://www.aldermanoconnor.com/ward­40­congressmen/

Letter to Copy and Paste: Don’t forget to add your name where it says “insert your name” below.

I am writing this letter to request that the funding for the Metra stop at Peterson/Ridge in Chicago, Illinois, be released as promised. Our neighborhood and community have been anxiously anticipating the opening of this Metra stop, which has now been postponed several times over the past several years. Businesses and residents have acted based on the original plans for this stop to be completed, and have been suffering due to the drawn­out delays. Our community has already invested a large amount of money to draw up plans and fund this project, and we desperately need to see it built as planned.

We respectfully request that the remaining funds promised to complete the project be released, or that alternative creative funding be provided to allow the project to continue immediately.

Currently, many residents in the area are not able to ride the Metra due to the walking distance from their home or business to the current stops. Adding a stop at Peterson will increase accessibility to downtown Chicago for work, allowing our neighbors to walk to the stop and be downtown in fifteen minutes, rather than the current hour­long commute on the “el” or bus. It would allow us to visit downtown for shopping and entertainment, as well as connect us to the near suburbs for access to friends, family, and entertainment including Ravinia and the Botanical Gardens. It would also bring residents from other parts of the city and suburbs to our community, providing access to the businesses that have opened or are waiting to open in anticipation of this stop.

We have patiently waited through various delays on this project for too long. I urge you to do everything in your power to help this project move forward as planned, so that we businesses and residents in the area can continue to live and prosper in the city during this already difficult time.



Downloadable PDF version of this letter: Request for Funding for Peterson_Ridge Metra Stop

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