Around the Hood: Gallery 1070 Will be Coming This Winter

Exciting news folks! Gallery 1070 is coming to the neighborhood this Winter. The gallery is Edgewater Artists in Motion’s latest initiative to keep bringing the Edgewater community together through the arts, while helping the local economy. It will be located at 1070 W. Granville and will become the new official address of Edgewater Artists in Motion.

Gallery 1070 will include two spaces: one dedicated to group exhibits, solo shows, fundraisers, and other special arts events (public and private); the other to be used for art workshops and private parties. Artists will be able to display their work, be part of our “exhibits season”, and rent the space to host their own art classes (or even work on their own art!) The public will be able to enjoy art shows all year round and use the space for community and private events.

Also, just a quick reminder… we have a number of Edgewater Glen resident artists and local business owners who will have booths at the Edgewater Arts Festival (Sept 24th & 25th) and neighbors who are on the Board of EAIM. Be sure to check out their booths this year! (more on them soon)

You can sign up for updates about the gallery here if you are interested.