INCOME TAX: A New Neighborhood Bar and Restaurant Coming to Edgewater late November

The Edgewater community will soon have a new gathering spot as INCOME TAX prepares to open its doors to an intimate, 50-seat bar and restaurant this November. Owner Nelson Fitch, General Manager Collin Moody and Executive Chef Ryan Henderson (Alder, Empellon Cocina, Momofuku, Maple & Ash) not only bring a fresh perspective to the hospitality industry, but a collective reverence for the North Side neighborhood. Income Tax aims to share their personal discoveries and latest obsessions, encouraging guests to seek a quiet corner or gather round a spirited table filled with interesting wines, great cocktails and delicious plates of food.

The idea for Income Tax, whose name references both the desire to organically blend in with neighborhood storefronts, as well as a classic cocktail in the martini family, arose when Fitch was working at nearby Independent Spirits, a local shop known for its selection of wines and small batch spirits. Inspired by the outpouring of support from Edgewater residents, Fitch leapt on the opportunity to sign a lease for a newly available space just down the street on 5959 North Broadway. “A lot of what you will see at Income Tax was inspired by Edgewater” explains Fitch, himself a former resident of the neighborhood.

With Moody and Henderson on board—Moody an established manager with operations experience from Intelligentsia, and Henderson a chef who most recently worked closely alongside Danny Grant, Alex Stupak and Wylie Dufrense— the concept will present an emphasis on food-friendly wine and wine-friendly food. “One of the core ideas is that wine belongs on the table,” says Moody. “It sounds really simple, but there’s a lot of wine that does not go well with food; wine that’s designed to be tasted, not drank.” In addition, Income Tax presents a unique wine sharing program, which allows guests to open any of the bottles on the list to enjoy just a couple of glasses. The remaining wine will be shared throughout the restaurant, further encouraging the idea of discovery. Altogether, the offerings form a symbiotic relationship rooted in the types of things the three guys love to eat and drink themselves. Guests can expect handpicked wines, representing of a variety of old-world regions and producers with an agricultural mindset. The concise cocktail list will highlight a unique collection of brandy, sherry, absinthe and fruit-based spirits.

Henderson’s food menu will feature interpretations of classic dishes from Spain, France, Italy and Germany, all a perfect complement to the regions featured by the restaurant’s wine program. The menu will be flexible, serving those looking for a quick bite to eat after their commute, a full meal, or a few plates to share. Prepared with local ingredients and close attention to flattering the wine, plates include coq au vin, pasta chitarra and black forest duck.

Income Tax is due to open in late November or early December. For more information, you can check


Courtesy: Cory Dewald
Left: Ryan Henderson, Executive Chef, Middle: Nelson Fitch, Owner, Right: Collin Moody, General Manager.