Record Breaking Number of Kids Trick or Treating Descend on Edgewater Glen

The 2016 Edgewater Glen trick or treater numbers are in. We received twelve counts from different parts of the neighborhood today. While obviously not an exact science when the kid swarm really gets going… it looks like we had more trick or treaters in the neighborhood last night than we’ve ever had before.

Hood Kid Count #1 (1500 block): 1875 kids (did not run out of candy. Started at 3:30 ended at 9:00)

Hood Kid Count #2 (1500 block): 1600 kids (counter broke after 1600+ kids)

Hood Kid Count #3 (1500 block): 1426 kids (ran out of candy at 8:30)

Hood Kid Count #4 (1500 block): 1137 (ran out of candy)

Hood Kid Count (1200 block) #5: 550 (Started at 4:30 and closed at 7:30)

Glenlake Kid Count #1 (?? block): 1450 kids

Glenlake Kid Count #2 (?? block): 800 kids

Glenlake Kid Count #3 (?? block): 1025 kids (out of candy at 7:30)

Glenlake Kid Count #4 (?? block): 1200 kids (started at 4:00 pm ended at 9:00 pm)

Glenlake Kid Count #5 (1500 block): 1100 kids (4:00-7:30 out of candy so we could come over to 1500 block of Hood!)

Glenlake Kid Count #6 (1200-1300 block): 1500 pieces of candy (We went through 1500 pieces of candy 4:30-7:30. But I started off giving out pairs for the first hour b/c it seemed slow . We also saw A LOT of “repeat customers”. I’d say the actual number of kids on our block was maybe 500-700.)

Glenlake Kid Count #7 (1400 block): 300 pieces of candy between 6:30 and 7:00. That’s one piece of candy every six seconds for 30 minutes.

If you counted the trick or treaters on your block feel free to send in your numbers and we will add it to the “official” list of kid counts.

See you next year!