Watch: Local Business Owners Discuss the Neighborhood & The Edgewater Arts Festival

It’s been great to see all the new businesses set up shop in and around Edgewater Glen since 2009. Check out this recent video of some of our new and long time business owners discussing the neighborhood and the Edgewater Artists in Motion Fall Arts Festival. It features RAM Art Studio, Ethiopian Diamond, Pete’s Pizzeria, Orange Theory Fitness, Revival Social Club, Gino’s North & Flacos Tacos.

We have a number of Edgewater Glen neighbors who are on either on the Board of Directors, are resident artists or help volunteer for our neighborhood art festival every year.

About Edgewater Artists in Motion

“It’s January 2009, and the nation is gripped in one of the deepest recessions of modern history. Walking past a cold wintry corner of a busy commercial district in Edgewater, Rae Ann Cecrle, neighborhood resident and property owner, stood looking at three dark and ugly storefronts.

The newly vacant storefronts told the story of a troubled economy. Many businesses were moving elsewhere from the once bustling area of Broadway Avenue. Without leases renewed, these vacancies were beginning to negatively impact existing businesses.

Concerned, Rae Ann decided to contact the owner of the vacant storefronts, a friendly gentleman with a deep love for the community. She asked the storeowner about installing art. With the idea that the art installations would help him rent his property quicker and bring more foot traffic to nearby businesses, the storefront owner accepted the lady’s proposal.

From there a small flyer was placed in the window of the empty storefronts asking for local artists. Three artists responded to the call and met the woman at a local coffee house.

And thus, Edgewater Artists in Motion was born.”