Backyard Front Yard: Edgewater Glen’s New Saplings Need a Helping Hand

It has been a tough month for the 22 trees planted in Edgewater Glen this year. If you’ve got one near your house, you might consider giving it a good soaking before winter sets in. The sandy soil in the neighborhood makes it hard to over water. See note below from our neighbor Kim.

“We’re having a dry November so far with no rain predicted until late in the week. It’s important for all of your outside plants to go into the winter with their roots hydrated.

Plants less than a year old that have not fully rooted in are particularly at risk.

Give a roots a good deep soaking, especially newer parkway trees. To get water penetration to the proper depth you may need to place the hose at the base of the plant and water at a slow trickle for up to an hour, moving the hose around the perimeter of larger trees to get as much of the root system hydrated as possible.

Don’t flood the plants so much water that they drown from lack of oxygen, but as most of us have extremely sandy soil with excellent drainage this usually isn’t an issue.” – Kim (Edgewater Glen Neighbor)