Around the Hood: Sycamore at The Raven Theatre (Trailer)

In this new play by Sarah Sander, Celia and Henry are teenaged siblings living in an unnamed suburb. Celia is 18, a high school senior who is involved in cheerleading and the drama club. Henry is 16, gay, and is active in mathletics. Both Celia and Henry become romantically interested in their new next-door neighbor John, who recently moved to their town from Los Angeles with his single mom Jocelyn. This is not the first time Celia and Henry have been romantic rivals – their first competition over a boy resulted in incidents which had damaging and lasting impacts on each of them. Will trouble strike again as the two vie for John’s affections?  Meanwhile, Celia and Henry’s parents, David and Louise, face stress in their marriage due to David’s reduction in hours as a college professor and need to take on a job as a short order cook in an all-night diner.

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