The Vacant Broadway Bank Will Be Home To The Peterson Garden Project’s 6th Annual Edible Plant Sale

The vacant Broadway Bank Building at 5948 N Broadway will be transformed into the Peterson Garden Project’s Edible Plant Sale April 22 & 23rd and then again on May 7th & 8th. The April sale will be for cooler-weather seedlings while the one in May will be for warmer-weather seedlings.

Their certified organic vegetable and herb seedlings are grown by Montalbano Farms and are hand-selected for growing well in Chicago. They will be offering heirloom favorites and open-pollinated dwarf tomato seedlings, as well as a few disease-resistant cucumber, tomato, and basil seedlings. They will also have many more items for sale, including certified organic Purple Cow compost and locally-produced mushroom compost.

For more information on what they will be selling you can head over to the PGP 2017 Plant Sale List here.

All proceeds from the sale benefit Peterson Garden Project’s education programs.