Edgewater Medical Center Demolition Scheduled to be Completed in September or October

In case you missed the update from MCZ via Alderman O’Connor yesterday….

“The demolition contractor has been busy working on creating the room needed to tear down the bigger buildings on the site to create a podium to support the larger equipment needed for most of the demolition.  Once that podium is complete, they will work on taking down the bigger buildings.  As a part of the demolition, the contractor is recycling as much of the buildings as possible such as separating out the metal and salvaging bricks, some of which MCZ will use in the redevelopment of the front buildings. 

We are currently clearing out one floor of the front building in order to allow us to work on plans for the redevelopment.  Once the floor is clear we will be able to get accurate measurements.  The work on the plans will continue through the next six to eight months in order to apply for building permits for the redevelopment. 

Right now the demolition is scheduled to be complete sometime around September or October.  Once the buildings have been remediated, removed, the site will be ready for Park construction and the redevelopment of the front buildings.  

Asbestos remediation continues and the buildings on the park side of the property should be clean in the next several weeks.  Currently the buildings on Edgewater have been remediated and the main focus is on the building on Hollywood and Ashland. 

We have received permission from MWRD to dewater the basements.  We expect that this will start sometime next week weather permitting.  The amount of water to come out of this portion of the building is significantly less than the amount that came out of the garage and we believe the pumping might only need to occur for a couple of weeks.”

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