Around the Hood: Five Full Moon Fire Jams Scheduled For The Neighborhood This Summer

The Edgewater summer event calendar is filling up quick folks. This year’s Full Moon Fire Jam schedule below…

“The jams are monthly celebrations, bringing together a diverse community of performers, musicians, and spectators. Dozens of fire spinners perform to music provided by local percussionists, using performance tools such as poi (a set of chains with weighted ends), staff, hula hoops and fans. It’s a display that is part artistry and part athleticism, inspired by a long tradition of fire performance with roots in South Pacific cultures. Fire spinners include everyone from amateur hobbyists to professional performance artists and Chicago jam performers usually come from the city, greater Chicagoland area and neighboring Great Lakes regions.

The jams are organized and run on a purely volunteer basis by members of the Chicago Fire Tribe community. Volunteer “fire wranglers” help keep the jam running, dealing with organization/set-up/clean up and managing performers during the jams. Volunteer “rangers” assist with crowd management and control.”

Direct Video Link: Chicago Full Moon Jam


June 8th – 7:00pm (Gather)  7:30pm (Jam Start) 10:00pm (Jam Finish)
July 6th – 7:00pm (Gather)  7:30pm (Jam Start) 10:00pm (Jam Finish)
August 7 –  7:00pm (Gather)  7:30pm (Jam Start) 10:00pm (Jam Finish)
September 6 – 7:00pm (Gather)  7:30pm (Jam Start) 10:00pm (Jam Finish)
October 5 – 6:00pm (Gather)  6:30pm (Jam Start) 9:15 pm (Jam Finish)


¼ mile south of the Foster Ave Turf Fields on the lakefront. They are south of the beach, on the east side of the lakefront trail, in the big field. Approximate address: 5100N & Lake Shore Drive.