Edgewater Chosen To Participate In Pilot Project To Develop A Neighborhood Network Of Bikeways

CDOT was very impressed with the level of community participation in the public meeting about biking & walking in the 48th Ward back in February. As a result, the 48th Ward has been chosen to participate in a pilot project to develop a neighborhood network of bikeways, ensuring residents can safely navigate throughout the community on their bikes.

If you are interested, there will be a community meeting to begin the planning process on Saturday, June 24, 10am, at the Broadway Armory, 5917 N. Broadway. This meeting will be led by representatives of CDOT and will begin with a presentation by CDOT followed by small group breakout sessions.

To help the Alderman’s office and CDOT prepare for the meeting, you can RSVP to maia48thward@gmail.com if you plan to attend the meeting.

Sounds like an innovative approach to bikeway planning in the neighborhood!