Alderman and CDOT Solicit Community Input on Edgewater Neighborhood Bike Network

We had a number of neighbors attend the neighborhood bike network community input meeting at the Broadway Armory this morning. Thanks for sending this in.

Representatives of CDOT, Alderman Osterman, and several 48th Ward staff were joined by over 60 local residents to discuss the proposed Edgewater Neighborhood Bike Network. CDOT staff provided an overview of the project and upcoming information gathering activities which will include bicycle, pedestrian, and car traffic surveys throughout the summer. Alderman Osterman also announced a number of upcoming 48th Ward events to promote active transportation in coordination with the City of Chicago Bicycle Ambassador program.

Participants at the meeting were provided the opportunity to mark up local street maps to identify potential additional bike routes, call out specific areas of concern about pedestrian and bicycle safety, and provide feedback on popular destinations for cycling within and outside the project boundaries. While the specific project is focused on the areas North to South between Devon and Argyle and East to West from Clark to the lakefront, CDOT was interested in feedback on ensuring coordination with other proposed projects in other adjoining neighborhoods.

Additional information, including a copy of the CDOT presentation which includes information on project timelines and funding as well as some of the innovative ideas under consideration, will be available on the City of Chicago and 48th Ward Alderman’s official websites.

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