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Backyard Front Yard: Edgewater Glen Planting Calendar


New to growing your own food and want to give it a whirl this year?

Checkout this online class designed for new gardeners growing with the Peterson Garden Project. LaManda Joy, will guide you through:

  • A quick overview of gardening with the Peterson Garden Project
  • What to expect from your first year of food gardening
  • Planning your garden using the kitchen garden planner from Gardener’s Supply

NOTE: Your garden plan will be your “pre-work” for any Grewbie classes you want to attend. You will want to complete a garden plan prior to attending a Grewbie class.

Edgewater Glen Spring Plant Swap

Yellow Tulips

Time to breakout of hibernation mode folks… Kim’s newsletter on gardening has arrived! 🙂

Weather permitting, the date for our Edgewater Glen Plant Swap is set for May 23rd 2015, 10:00am.

Inspired by our Edgewater Glen Garden Walk, Tom Brennan organized the first Edgewater Glen Plant Swap on Sept. 21, 1991 in the park at Greenview & Elmdale. It was so enthusiastically received, that it quickly expanded into a twice-a-year event, spring & fall, and moved to Tom’s plant-filled yard.

When Tom had to leave the neighborhood in the late 90s, our neighbors Sue and Kim continued this popular event in the neighborhood.

Spring is a great time to divide the perennials you would like to share and meet your gardening neighbors. This year Kim & Sue are particularly interested in distributing any extra Common Milkweed seedlings to help our dwindling Monarch Butterfly populations.

Hope to see you there. All gardeners are welcome!

Edgewater Glen Spring Plant Swap 2015_Page_1

Edgewater Glen Spring Plant Swap 2015_Page_2

Backyard Front Yard: Edgewater Glen Garden Walk

First sighting of snowdrops today on the 1300 block of Norwood! It’s finally spring!


Thinking about signing up for our annual Edgewater Glen Garden Walk this year? Time to get garden planning 🙂

This year the neighborhood is featuring the “Gardens of East Edgewater Glen” and will be held on Sunday, July 12, 2015.

“The 1st EGA Garden Walk premiered on June 24, 1973 on a sunny day with over 30 residents displaying their yards. It was billed as ‘a pilot project of the EGA Conservation Committee’. ‘Strictly a local affair’ for neighbors to view each other gardens, the entry form explained that ‘no one’s expecting a Lake Forest spectacular (garden)!’

The ’74 Walk’ went immediately into planning stages and this event has been held annually almost every year since its inception. Pony cart rides, lemonade & hot dog stands, arts & crafts displays, magic show performances, and Glenfest have been some of the additional activities scheduled during this event over the years.

As the number of display gardens increased to about 50 & became somewhat unwieldy for attendees, in 2008 the decision was made to split the neighborhood in half along Glenwood, offering West Edgewater Glen Gardens (1400 & 1500 blocks) and East Edgewater Glen Gardens (1200 & 1300 blocks) on display in alternate years. This greatly improved the walkability of our event, along with giving the display gardens (and their gardeners!) a recuperative gap year.” The Edgewater Glen Association (EGA)

If you are a newbie gardener and thinking about giving it a whirl this year, there are a few great videos from LaAmanda Joy over at The Peterson Garden Project below. Happy planting, happy spring!

Grewbie 101

The Garden Minute Playlist (42 Videos)

Grewbie 102

Backyard Front Yard: Edgewater Glen Coyote Week Continues…

Well this is kind of fun.

It looks like our friends over at DNAInfo Chicago followed up on a story about our hidden furry neighbors as well (audio clip embedded below). Keep your eyes peeled!

You are cool Roscoe, no worries. 🙂

Related posting with video of our furry neighbors: Backyard Front Yard: Edgewater Glen Coyotes?

Edgewater Glen: A Neighborhood In Love With Its Backyards


You might get a kick out of this Chicago Tribune article about the neighborhood (from June 15 1986) if you haven’t stumbled upon it yet. Pretty timeless!

“Edgewater Glen is a fooler.

Sure, it`s a city neighborhood like a lot of others. Its tree-lined streets provide just the right amount of pastoral atmosphere for its sturdy turn-of-the-century houses. It has good schools and shops nearby. And easy access to the lake and plenty of transportation.

The facade is an attractive one. But the real Edgewater Glen lies beyond. The real Edgewater Glen is in people`s backyards.

Not backyards populated only with grass and grills, porches and pooches. Nope. These backyards have hidden treasures that put suburban lawn owners to shame. These backyards have waterfalls and walkways, courtyards and conservatories.” – Steve Kerch (June 15th 1986)

Link to Full Tribune Article: Edgewater Glen: A Neighborhood In Love With Its Backyards

Backyard Front Yard: Edgewater Glen Coyotes?


Over the years we’ve heard interesting stories from neighbors down in Andersonville about coyote sightings in the area. With the 10 million adorable little bunnies hopping all around Edgewater Glen, it got us wondering… has anyone ever noticed a coyote in the neighborhood?

If you are curious about the scientific research going on about urban coyotes in Chicago, have a look at National Geographic’s Downtown Coyotes: Inside the Secret Lives of Chicago’s Predator or On the Loose: Urban Coyotes Thrive in North American Cities. There is some especially cool Chicago coyote footage (from the coyote’s perspective) of them looking both ways before crossing the street with their maracas in the National Geographic Crittercam video.

“The animals have altered their natural behavior to accommodate living in close quarters with people. Unlike wild coyotes, for example, Chicago’s uber-urban coyotes are nocturnal, coming out when most people have gone home; have learned to travel and cross busy roads regularly; and maintain huge yet fragmented territories, according to new data from coyotes outfitted with a GPS collar or a Crittercam, a National Geographic camera that attaches harmlessly to animals.”

“People in Chicago have shifted their opinions about coyotes to primarily acceptance. That doesn’t mean that they are thrilled they are here, but they are not that quick to remove them like they used to,’ Gehrt said.” – Downtown Coyotes: Inside the Secret Lives of Chicago’s Predator

Backyard Front Yard: 2014 Windy City Coop Tour

Curious about urban chicken keeping?

This is your chance to take a peak at the wide variety of chicken coops and breeds in the Chicago area at the 5th Annual Windy City Coop Tour on September 20 – 21 from 10 AM to 2 PM each day. It looks like there are a few of our Edgewater neighbors on the route.


For a map of the tour and to see what the clucks this is all about, check the Angelics Organics Learning Center Webpage


Backyard Front Yard: Edgewater Glen Fall Plant Swap!

“The Edgewater Glen Fall Plant Swap will be held Sat. Sept. 20, 2014 from 10am til noon, weather permitting, in the back yard at 1420 W. Glenlake (6100N).

Fall is a great time to divide treasures like iris’ and other perennials or plant materials that you’d like to share along with excess gardening paraphernalia. Even if you don’t have anything to share, we usually have lots of things that need a home.

Come & meet your gardening neighbors. All Edgewater residents are welcome.

For more info contact Kim Kaulas at 773-368-3949.”

– Kim (Edgewater Glen Neighbor)