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Neighborhood History: Garden Walk & Art Fair Flyers Discovered!

Well the neighborhood treasures keep rolling in from our friends over at the EGA.

If you dig this kind of stuff, check out these beautiful flyers our neighbor designed back in the 1970’s.

“Lifelong Edegwater Glen resident Dick Merrill was one of the original founding members of EGA in 1972. A talented graphic artist by trade, he produced the initial flyers to publicize our community organization and served as EGA Publicity and Newsletter Chairperson for many years, producing eye-catching flyers and newsletters to promote our community. We were also grateful to have him design the EGA street signs that were installed in November 2012.” – Edgewater Glen Association

4th grdn wlk 6'76

art fair 8'77

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From the Neighbors: Master Indian Musician Teaching Lessons in the Neighborhood

Thanks for the blog post Christi. We’re always on the lookout for fun, neighborhood related, postings from the neighbors. This looks like a great opportunity to learn some cool new instruments. Have a great holiday!

“Just thought parents and adults should know that there’s a master Indian musician teaching music lessons right here in the neighborhood!

Sandip Burman has been on Grammy albums and tours all over the world…but he also has a music school (Sandip Burman School of Music) right here just South of Loyola on Sheridan Rd!!

All ages and abilities are welcome. Current students are ages 4 to 64 and include tabla, sitar, harmonium, voice, guitar, violin and saxophone.

Contact the school coordinator with questions or to schedule an introductory class: John Gardner (312) 259-1866.

The website with cost and directions is:

– Christi (Edgewater Glen Neighbor)

Which Edgewater block club are you in? (Online Neighborhood Poll)

UpdateSee the New Interactive Edgewater Block Club Map here


Hi Neighbors…

We thought it might be fun for anyone tuning in to see which sub-areas of Edgewater folks are viewing from. If you have 5 seconds and want to participate, we put together an anonymous poll below. You should be able to return to the poll at anytime in the next week or so to see which Edgewater block clubs are tuning in (by selecting the “View Results” link at the bottom of the poll.

If you are curious about which block club you belong to, have a look at Edgewater Community Council block club map above. Or… if you would like to be more involved with your block club check out the block club contact list here.

Thanks for letting us know where you are dialing in from! 🙂

Haunted House in the Hood!


Cindy sent us this photo & description of the incredible cast of characters from a haunted house she went to on Glenlake yesterday. So cool!

“Brilliantly conceived Haunted House in the 1400 block of Glenlake. You are invited in by a sweet black girl kitten, who hisses as she leads you into the living room where you are shocked to find disembodied heads screeching!  

Snacks of crows, rats, old blood and new blood are laid out in the dining room as you are serenaded by a ghostly woman at the piano. From there you enter the kitchen where a ghoul cooks up delicacies like the feet and hands of hapless visitors. As you are escorted outside, you encounter the Troll’s lair – be careful of her troll house cookies!

Finally you are led to the darkest and scariest place of all, where, in complete darkness punctuated by strobe lights, you are poked and prodded.  This visitor was truly scared!” – Cindy (Glenlake Avenue Neighbor)

Reminder: Edgewater Glen Halloween House Contest

We haven’t received any photos for our First Annual Edgewater Glen Halloween House Contest yet. If you, your partner and/or family wants to participate, send in a picture or two of your freaky Halloween house decorations by Wednesday. If we wind up getting any submissions we’ll put together a gallery for the neighborhood to check out and vote on Friday morning before the fun begins. Prizes TBD but we’re thinking something unbelievably amazing like an Edgewater Glen Daily tulip mug or something 🙂

Email Submissions:

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Lost Kitty in the Hood (again)


It sure seems to be a rough out there in the wilds of Edgewater Glen for our feline friends this week. We’ve got another homeless kitty out there folks 😦

Our neighbors rescued this sweetheart in the neighborhood today. The cat was found in a backyard on the 1200 block of Glenlake. If you recognize it as being one of your neighbors, or if it is your pet, please see Margie’s note below (feel free to also forward to your friends and neighbors in the area who may not be on here):

“She’s black with white markings and white whiskers and I think she’s almost deaf. I’m taking her to Uptown today to see if she has a chip. If she’s lost she needs a home soon. She can’t take care of herself because of her hearing and she’s extremely sweet. She’s not feral.”

 “I took her to Uptown and she is chipped. She was adopted from Harmony House and they are searching for the owner.  She will stay at Uptown until tomorrow and Harmony House will pick her up and return her to owners or if they deem them fit, if not she will go back to the shelter.  But if someone recognizes her and says it’s their cat, she’s at Uptown Vets on Clark St. Or if someone is interested in her, they can contact Harmony House.”

– Margie (Edgewater Glen Neighbor)

Thanks for rescuing this sweetheart Margie, Tracy & Marsha. Hopefully she finds her parents or a foster family before getting sent to the Chicago pound – yikes!

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Are you a local musician or DJ? Edgewater Glen FM Launched!


OK, well not really FM. We’ve got a ton of incredible artists, musicians, bands & DJs calling Edgewater home. Experimenting with something new here…

If you are a local musician, we thought it might be fun to showcase your tunes right here on Edgewater Glen FM so the neighborhood can have a listen and maybe check you out live sometime. Feel free to send in your Soundcloud sets and we will feature your playlist for the hood.

Kicking it off with a few (not local) atmospheric tracks from Herr Juri & Dave Echo just so we’re not completely empty.

All genres welcome! (including local DJs)

Soundcloud links to:

Follow: Edgewater Glen FM

We’ve been noodling on setting up a neighborhood gallery space here where local visual artists can showcase & link to their work too… (if there is an interest)

EGA’s Fall meeting is Oct 6th. Mark your calendars friends!

Hi Neighbors! If you live in Edgewater Glen and want to meet your neighbors from other parts of The Glen, come up to EGA’s Fall Meeting. The meeting will take place on Monday, October 6 at 7:00 PM in St. Gertrude’s Social Hall (SW corner of Granville and Glenwood). Please feel free to share with friends who live in the neighborhood but may not be connected on here.

Trying to figure out which Edgewater block club you belong to? Checkout the Edgewater Block Club Map and contact information here.

Thanks for the submission Steve. We are looking forward to meeting everyone!

(see details below)


“The annual fall meeting of the Edgewater Glen Association (EGA) will be on Monday, October 6 at the St. Gertrude’s Social Hall at the SW corner of Glenwood and Granville.

We expect to have a presentation by the Edgewater Chamber Executive Director as well as other speakers. Refreshments begin at 6:30 and the meeting will start at 7 PMEGA is one of the oldest continuously operating neighborhood associations in the city. Dues are $10.00 a year.

If you live within the boundaries of the Glen (Broadway to Clark, south side of Granville to Norwood), please join us.”

– Steve Meiss, Board Member and Past President EGA