Around the Hood: Susana Mendoza’s Appearance on Good Evening With Pat Whalen (Video)

Susana Menzoda, winner of the Illinois Comptroller race, appeared in the neighborhood on Good Evening with Pat Whalen last month. If you want to check it out the video is below.

This month’s show will be featuring:

Comedic guest Arish Singh
Roving reporter Trevor Kravits
Musical guest Ric Wilson
An interview with Alderman Ameya Pawar

Tomorrow night, December 2nd, at 10:00pm at The Frontier (1106 W Thorndale).

You can get tickets online here.

See you there!

From the Neighbors: Do You Recognize This Missing Edgewater Glen Kitty?

Is this your missing cat?

Our neighbors Margie & Tracy get daily visits from her to their places on Norwood and wanted to make sure she isn’t lost. If you recognize her feel free to send an email to and we will put you in touch with them.

“This kitty shows up every day in our yards. Not feral. She lets us pick her up. I’d like to know if someone owns her or if she is lost. Happy Thanksgiving!”Margie (Edgewater Glen Neighbor)

Little Free Library Hosts, Families, Volunteers & Friends Are Invited to The Edgewater Reads Holiday Gathering

Our neighbors Tom, Dan, Taylor & Eric wanted to let everyone know about their holiday party on December 11th. See details below. Happy Thanksgiving!

“The Edgewater Reads team invites Little Free Library hosts, families, volunteers and friends to join us for a Holiday gathering on Sunday, December 11, 2016 from 4 to 6 pm. For more information and to RSVP, send an email to by December 10.

Happy Holidays from Tom, Dan, Taylor, Eric and the team”

Learn More About The Proposed New Development at 1101 & 1109 Granville

Our neighbor Patricia just sent in this notice regarding a public meeting for a new development proposal at the vacant lot at 1109 Granville & the building at 1101. More details on the project below…

Date: Monday, November 21
Location: Broadway Armory (1st flr) 5917 N. Broadway
Time: 6:30 pm

Project location: 1101 Granville and 1109 Granville
Developers: B& R Developers
Architect: Patrick Thompson of MDT Architects and architect Thom Greene of Greene & Proppe Design.

The proposed project will require a zoning change with approval of neighboring buildings. Proper notice has been sent to all parcel owners within the required distance of the project, by zoning attorney Tom Moore.

Existing Granville properties and condition:

1101 Granville is a two story frame building . The grade level commercial property is occupied by a food store. The second story is long term vacant apartments.Upon professional examination of the structural condition of the property, it has been found hazardous and recommendations to demolish the building. The building has no historical significant value.
1109 Granville is a small vacant lot with no current use.The two parcels will be combined to provide a structure that will improve the community, increase business support, add more spendable income to the area and pedestrian appeal.

The project will consist of building a six story rental building. The building will be a smaller companion to the neighbor building at Winthrop/Granville of thirteen stories, to the Sovereign Hotel at Kenmore & Granville, and to the Granville Condo Building at Broadway/Granville.

Five rental stories will contain 2- 2BR apts ( approx.1,000 sf ea.) and 2-1BR apts (approx 800 sf ea.) per floor for a total of twenty new apartments, all with balconies. The grade level will be designed for restaurant use to complement existing restaurant businesses. (no fast food business).This is in a TOD district (Traffic Orientated Development) which allows less than the city parking requirements due to the location close to CTA.5 Parking spaces will be available. The facade will be brick with detail by the architects to enhance the appearance of Granville.

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Edge of Sweetness Bakery is in The Homestretch of Setting Up Shop in Edgewater Glen

Edge of Sweetness bakery is rehabbing the old True Nature space and is slated to open in the neighborhood in 45 days.

You can check out their video (and lend a helping hand) on indiegogo here.


Backyard Front Yard: Edgewater Glen’s New Saplings Need a Helping Hand

It has been a tough month for the 22 trees planted in Edgewater Glen this year. If you’ve got one near your house, you might consider giving it a good soaking before winter sets in. The sandy soil in the neighborhood makes it hard to over water. See note below from our neighbor Kim.

“We’re having a dry November so far with no rain predicted until late in the week. It’s important for all of your outside plants to go into the winter with their roots hydrated.

Plants less than a year old that have not fully rooted in are particularly at risk.

Give a roots a good deep soaking, especially newer parkway trees. To get water penetration to the proper depth you may need to place the hose at the base of the plant and water at a slow trickle for up to an hour, moving the hose around the perimeter of larger trees to get as much of the root system hydrated as possible.

Don’t flood the plants so much water that they drown from lack of oxygen, but as most of us have extremely sandy soil with excellent drainage this usually isn’t an issue.” – Kim (Edgewater Glen Neighbor)

The 2016 Edgewater Glen Presidential Election Vote Totals

If you are curious how all our neighbors in Edgewater Glen voted in the 2016 Presidential Election, check out this interactive election map DNAInfo just published. You can select any precinct in the city to see the vote totals for each area. We broke down the Edgewater Glen vote totals below.

West Edgewater Glen

Clinton: 516 neighbors

Trump: 57 neighbors

Johnson: 13 neighbors

Stein: 5 neighbors

East Edgewater Glen (North)

Clinton: 475 neighbors

Trump: 28 neighbors

Johnson: 8 neighbors

Stein: 11 neighbors

East Edgewater Glen (South)

Clinton: 473 neighbors

Trump: 40 neighbors

Johnson: 8 neighbors

Stein: 7 neighbors

Selecting any of the images below will take you straight to DNAInfo’s map so you can poke around on your own.

screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-5-31-00-pm screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-5-31-17-pm screen-shot-2016-11-09-at-5-31-34-pm

Watch: This Week’s Episode of Senn TV

If you are interested in checking out some of the great work the students over at Senn are doing… Senn TV just posted their new episode covering the IB Pinning Ceremony, Homecoming Changes, Question of the Day: Follow Your Dreams or Play It Safe?, Fashion Club Profile, French Refugee Crisis & Sports with Philip Johnson White.

You can subscribe to their channel over here.

Senn TV Episode 2.7

Senn TV Episode 2.6

Watch: Local Business Owners Discuss the Neighborhood & The Edgewater Arts Festival

It’s been great to see all the new businesses set up shop in and around Edgewater Glen since 2009. Check out this recent video of some of our new and long time business owners discussing the neighborhood and the Edgewater Artists in Motion Fall Arts Festival. It features RAM Art Studio, Ethiopian Diamond, Pete’s Pizzeria, Orange Theory Fitness, Revival Social Club, Gino’s North & Flacos Tacos.

We have a number of Edgewater Glen neighbors who are on either on the Board of Directors, are resident artists or help volunteer for our neighborhood art festival every year.

About Edgewater Artists in Motion

“It’s January 2009, and the nation is gripped in one of the deepest recessions of modern history. Walking past a cold wintry corner of a busy commercial district in Edgewater, Rae Ann Cecrle, neighborhood resident and property owner, stood looking at three dark and ugly storefronts.

The newly vacant storefronts told the story of a troubled economy. Many businesses were moving elsewhere from the once bustling area of Broadway Avenue. Without leases renewed, these vacancies were beginning to negatively impact existing businesses.

Concerned, Rae Ann decided to contact the owner of the vacant storefronts, a friendly gentleman with a deep love for the community. She asked the storeowner about installing art. With the idea that the art installations would help him rent his property quicker and bring more foot traffic to nearby businesses, the storefront owner accepted the lady’s proposal.

From there a small flyer was placed in the window of the empty storefronts asking for local artists. Three artists responded to the call and met the woman at a local coffee house.

And thus, Edgewater Artists in Motion was born.”



Record Breaking Number of Kids Trick or Treating Descend on Edgewater Glen

The 2016 Edgewater Glen trick or treater numbers are in. We received twelve counts from different parts of the neighborhood today. While obviously not an exact science when the kid swarm really gets going… it looks like we had more trick or treaters in the neighborhood last night than we’ve ever had before.

Hood Kid Count #1 (1500 block): 1875 kids (did not run out of candy. Started at 3:30 ended at 9:00)

Hood Kid Count #2 (1500 block): 1600 kids (counter broke after 1600+ kids)

Hood Kid Count #3 (1500 block): 1426 kids (ran out of candy at 8:30)

Hood Kid Count #4 (1500 block): 1137 (ran out of candy)

Hood Kid Count (1200 block) #5: 550 (Started at 4:30 and closed at 7:30)

Glenlake Kid Count #1 (?? block): 1450 kids

Glenlake Kid Count #2 (?? block): 800 kids

Glenlake Kid Count #3 (?? block): 1025 kids (out of candy at 7:30)

Glenlake Kid Count #4 (?? block): 1200 kids (started at 4:00 pm ended at 9:00 pm)

Glenlake Kid Count #5 (1500 block): 1100 kids (4:00-7:30 out of candy so we could come over to 1500 block of Hood!)

Glenlake Kid Count #6 (1200-1300 block): 1500 pieces of candy (We went through 1500 pieces of candy 4:30-7:30. But I started off giving out pairs for the first hour b/c it seemed slow . We also saw A LOT of “repeat customers”. I’d say the actual number of kids on our block was maybe 500-700.)

Glenlake Kid Count #7 (1400 block): 300 pieces of candy between 6:30 and 7:00. That’s one piece of candy every six seconds for 30 minutes.

If you counted the trick or treaters on your block feel free to send in your numbers and we will add it to the “official” list of kid counts.

See you next year!