Edgewater Glen Parkway Beautification Grants Available For Neighborhood Residents

The Edgewater Environmental Sustainability Project is providing $100 grants to residents for material expenditures for pre-approved Edgewater parkway corners and circles. The $100 grant is for the purchase of soil amendments and plant materials. Your grant will be paid upon installation confirmation and submission of material receipts.

Landscape consulting services will be available at no charge to grant recipients from: Kim Kaulas Inc., www.kimkaulas.com.

The deadline for the Edgewater Beautification Grant application is June 1, 2017 and the deadline for installation is August 1, 2017

Apply here: https://goo.gl/iwDGBY

Around the Hood: Sycamore at The Raven Theatre (Trailer)

In this new play by Sarah Sander, Celia and Henry are teenaged siblings living in an unnamed suburb. Celia is 18, a high school senior who is involved in cheerleading and the drama club. Henry is 16, gay, and is active in mathletics. Both Celia and Henry become romantically interested in their new next-door neighbor John, who recently moved to their town from Los Angeles with his single mom Jocelyn. This is not the first time Celia and Henry have been romantic rivals – their first competition over a boy resulted in incidents which had damaging and lasting impacts on each of them. Will trouble strike again as the two vie for John’s affections?  Meanwhile, Celia and Henry’s parents, David and Louise, face stress in their marriage due to David’s reduction in hours as a college professor and need to take on a job as a short order cook in an all-night diner.

You can get tickets here


Watch: Through Another Lens, A Profile of Senn High School’s Senn TV

Latest from our friends over at Senn…

Last year, Friends of Senn’s campaign raised money to install cafeteria TVs to support the digital journalism program and to purchase new uniforms for the Senn Bulldogs football team. If you are interested in helping out, Friends of Senn’s annual fundraising appeal is underway.

Click here for more information and to donate.

Around The Hood: Chicago Mosaic School Now Located at 1101 W. Granville

Chicago Mosaic School has temporarily located to 1101 W. Granville (in the space which used to be a grocery store) while awaiting final buildout of their permanent space which will be at the old Blue Buddha at 1127 W. Granville.

“It’s been 12 extraordinary years since we opened the doors to establish the first school for Mosaic Arts outside of Europe. Our growth is because of you; our inspired students, our committed CMS faculty and staff, our generous volunteers and donors, and artists and mosaic lovers worldwide.  Leaving our longtime home in Ravenswood has been bittersweet; we remember where CMS started but can see now where we are supposed to be- in Chicago’s historic Edgewater neighborhood.
As of March 13th, CMS is beautifully situated on thriving Granville Avenue. The move took a lot of muscle, hard work, and organization to relocate our entire operation- big thanks to everyone who made it happen! The school is already benefitting from a street-level space with great visibility and foot traffic. The neighborhood has welcomed us enthusiastically and seems excited that CMS is here. The school is looking forward to making big contributions to the community and to continue to grow awareness for mosaics and the school in Chicago and beyond.
In our 1101 W Granville space, on the first floor, you will find two large primary classrooms, our office, tool room, and temporary library. The second floor has our supply shop Tiny Pieces Mosaic Tools & Supplies, two additional classrooms (one for our After School Matters Program), and five private artist studios. The street is full of great restaurants like Revival, Flacos Tacos, Petes Pizza and Metropolis Coffee House just to name a few. Additionally, we are steps away from the Granville red line station and one block away from Whole Foods.
CMS is extremely fortunate to be in this great transitional space while the construction of our permanent location (800 feet away) moves toward completion this summer. Please come see us in our new digs. And in celebration of our move, please take advantage of a 10% April Discount on our weekly classes with code  CMSaprilfool (Expires April 30th).
Thank you for your support and love for mosaics and the CMS community.” – Karen Ami (Founder, Executive Director)

Update: New Edgewater Metra Station at Peterson & Ravenswood


In case you missed Alderman O’Connor’s announcement today, it looks like the planned Edgewater METRA stop may be included in a compromise over the state budget. The project could cut Edgewater residents’ commute time to the Loop to 15 minutes.

“While the Metra Project is still being held up by the lack of a state budget, I recently met with State Representative Greg Harris and Senator Heather Steans to make sure that as the state works toward a budget, this project is included in the compromise that is reached. Both Representative Harris and Senator Steans are on the bargaining teams for their respective chambers, so they are on the front line.

I also spoke with Metra. During this time of impasse, they are planning to fully complete the design for the station (which is currently about 90% done), as well as design and fund the work on the adjacent bridge.

I am still hopeful that this station will become a reality for our community in the near future, and I will continue to strongly advocate on our community’s behalf on this issue.”Alderman O’Connor (40th Ward)

If this project is of interest to you, it seems like a great time to contact the Governor, Representative Harris, Senator Steans and your local Alderman.

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Photos: Revised Plans For The Superior Car Wash Redevelopment Project (6145 N Broadway)

The developers were on hand at Ethiopian Diamond for an open house to review their revised plans for the potential development at 6145 N Broadway today. They changed the design of the building based on feedback from local residents & the Alderman by reducing the number of floors from 7 to 6 and reducing the number of units from 187 to 105.

The unit makeup of the building was also changed to reduce the number of studios and will add a higher percentage of one- and two-bedroom units. The parking spaces for the building will go from 60 spaces to 45 and 10% of the units will remain affordable.

We included a few photos and floor plans below…





Current Building at 6145 N Broadway


Have Your Work Shown or Suggest Locations For Public Art in Edgewater Glen

We know there are a number of you out there!

If you are a local artist interested in having your work displayed in the neighborhood (or have suggestions of locations for public art in the ‘hood) check out Alderman Osterman’s notice below. The city is inviting artists, artist teams and arts organizations applying with a lead artist (Artists) to submit their qualifications for the project.

“The City of Chicago has named 2017 the Year of Public Art, and is committed to adding new public art in each ward throughout the city through the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events (DCASE) 50×50 Neighborhood Arts Project. This program allows aldermen to dedicate a portion of their 2017 menu allocation to commission public art for their ward. These menu funds will be matched up to $10,000 by DCASE. In addition to the $20,000 from our ward’s menu and DCASE, I am working with our local chambers of commerce and Special Service Areas (SSAs) to put together additional funding with the goal of adding close to $100,000 worth of public art throughout Andersonville, Edgewater, and Uptown in 2017. We have assembled a working group made of local artists, urban planners, and arts professionals to advise the art and site selection.

If you have suggestions of locations for public art in the ward, please fill out this form on our website, or reach out to Jerry Goodman at jerry@48thward.org. If you are an artist interested in being considered for a commission, please click here to respond to the city’s RFQ. The city has also created a Public Art Youth Corps as part of the Year of Public Art, and will be employing youth throughout the city to assist in the creation and installation of public art. I will share more information about this program as it becomes available” – Alderman Osterman

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