Neighborhood Poll: Should Chicago Consider Resurrecting its Clark Street Streetcar?


We stumbled upon this proposal by a group called the Chicago Streetcar Renaissance for a Clark Street Starter Line while doing a little research to learn about what happened to our Clark Street streetcar this weekend.

What do you think — cool or crazytown? (scroll down to the bottom to vote)

“The Clark Street line would run through the four zip codes with the highest transit ridership in all of Chicago. In these neighborhoods, drivers are the minority. They’ll still be able to drive to work, but not down Clark Street: Clark is going to be optimized for commuting and shopping.

The Clark Street line connects the city’s most densely populated neighborhoods with the Near North and the Loop. It connects downtown to some of the city’s most popular attractions, including North Avenue Beach and the Lincoln Park Zoo, where quality transit service is desperately needed.

It runs through the area with the highest transit ridership, but where it’s too far to walk to the elevated train, so those riders have been relegated to buses stuck in traffic.” – Chicago Streetcar Renaissance

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Chicago Streetcar Map – 1937


 Clark & Ashland Intersection (Showing our Clark St. Streetcar by Gethsemane)


11 days and counting! It is not a school night this year folks.


Our neighbor Kim, on Norwood, tipped us off to the crazy Halloween window display at the picture framing place on Granville & Broadway this weekend. Wow, nice work guys. That is FREAKY!

It is exciting to see a bunch of haunted houses already going up around the hood. If you or your family wants to participate in our neighborhood’s freaky house contest this year, send us a picture or two of your halloween masterpieces next week and we’ll post them here in a gallery for the kids to check out the morning of the 31st before they rake it in.

Photo submissions:

We are thrilled the festivities are on a Friday this year so we can all keep having fun at our neighborhood Halloween porch parties.

Great to see the whole neighborhood really getting into the spirit for all *ehem* the kids this year! 🙂

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Around the Hood: Have a Peek into your Neighborhood Firehouse


So cool. We got to take a look around upstairs our (retired) neighborhood firehouse yesterday for Open House Chicago right as they were setting up for a wedding. Apparently the back kitchen is where they kept the horses to pull the fire truck. What a sweet event space for the neighborhood.

Congrats Julie & Melissa. Hope you had a fantastic night with friends & family!


Before Chicago built the Field Museum, the Adler Planetarium, the Wrigley Building, or even Wrigley Field, Chicago built a firehouse for Engine Company 70 with high ceilings, white glazed brick, and 4 stables. For 105 years, Engine Company 70 was an integral part of the neighborhood and the original fire engine, drawn by horses, is today on display at the Chicago Fire Academy.

On our block, old-timers share their fond memories; how during block parties the firemen would open up the hydrants for the kids to play, how the firemen let the neighborhood kids reach down into an icebox to grab a free soda, and how everyone felt safe with the firemen at the end of the block.


Following an intense competition to determine who would own the then-vacant building, our distinctive renovation plan led the City of Chicago to award Firehouse Chicago as the most worthy caretaker of the historic building. We’ve restored the building back to its original period beauty, featuring antique doors, lighting, and plumbing fixtures.

The result is a wonderful space for your next event. Contact us to schedule a tour.

Scource: Firehouse Chicago

Are you a local musician or DJ? Edgewater Glen FM Launched!


OK, well not really FM. We’ve got a ton of incredible artists, musicians, bands & DJs calling Edgewater home. Experimenting with something new here…

If you are a local musician, we thought it might be fun to showcase your tunes right here on Edgewater Glen FM so the neighborhood can have a listen and maybe check you out live sometime. Feel free to send in your Soundcloud sets and we will feature your playlist for the hood.

Kicking it off with a few (not local) atmospheric tracks from Herr Juri & Dave Echo just so we’re not completely empty.

All genres welcome! (including local DJs)

Soundcloud links to:

Follow: Edgewater Glen FM

We’ve been noodling on setting up a neighborhood gallery space here where local visual artists can showcase & link to their work too… (if there is an interest)

Why is Edgewater Hospital Still Standing?


If you have been following the continuing saga of the abandoned hospital but missed Ben Woodard’s article this morning, have a listen to his thoughtful piece below.

Thanks for all the neighborhood sleuthing Ben. We dig your work.

Link to full article and Soundcloud interview

Have you taken a look inside? 😮

Weekend in the Hood: Exploring Your Neighborhood Identity

Between Open House Chicago & Professor Ann Durkin Keating’s talk on “What Makes a Neighborhood, Anyway?“, it looks like another great weekend of neighborhood related events in the hood.

Just a few more hours until you can wrap it up folks… Happy Friday!


What Makes a Neighborhood, Anyway?

Professor Ann Durkin Keating
Saturday, October 18, 2014 at 9:30 a.m.
Broadway Armory Park – 5917 N. Broadway

Open House Chicago Sites in Edgewater  [Promo Video]

Saturday & Sunday, October 18th & 19th
All over Edgewater (and Chicago)

Top 20 Cities for Trick-or-Treating in America

We thought some of you might get a kick out of this big data analysis by Zillow to determine the Top 20 Cities for Trick-or-Treating in America.

While Zillow’s methodology may be somewhat debatable (by not accounting for actual trick-or-treater data or neighborhood Halloween spirit), there appears to be only one major flaw in the neighborhood findings here. 😉

Thanks for the heads up on this Kim & Rhonda – Edgewater Glen Neighbors

Top 10 Cities for Trick-or-Treating

(Head on over to Zillow for the full list of 20)


Top Ranking Trick-or-Treating Neighborhoods


Zillow’s Methodology

“We calculate the Trick-or-Treat Index using a holistic approach with four equally weighted data variables: Zillow Home Value Index, population density, Walk Score® and local crime data from Relocation Essentials. Based on these variables, the index represents cities that will provide the most candy, in the least amount of time, with the fewest safety risks.”

Source: Top 20 Cities for Trick-or-Treating in America

Alexander’s: 54 Years in the Neighborhood

10.16.2014 – 11:00pm

Dear Neighbors: We heard the very sad news from a few neighbors that Paul just recently passed away.  He clearly was (and will continue to be) a wonderful presence in the neighborhood who will be missed dearly. Our condolences to Paul’s family, friends & everyone who knew him personally.

[The post below was from before we heard this yesterday…]


The weather sure looks pretty blah out there folks. Perfect morning for an Alexander’s breakfast. We sure do love our Bongo Room, Vincent and m.henry mimosa brunches, but it is comfort food mornings like this that make us really appreciate all the family owned and operated neighborhood joints right here in Edgewater Glen. They have been around for 54 years and are still going strong!

Alexander’s is nestled between The Highlands of Edgewater & Edgewater Glen on our northwestern most corner (at Clark & Granville). If you haven’t had a chance to yet, stop in and say hi!

You might also checkout their fantastic Yelp reviews or have a Google Maps look inside their old school awesomeness.

Sauce & Bread Raises $32,813 to Keep Production in the Neighborhood!

Woo Hoo! Thanks to all the neighbors and SBK Bar lovers out there, Sauce & Bread Kitchen has raised enough money with their Kickstarter campaign to keep production of our SBK Bars local to the neighborhood.

Check out this riveting video of the new equipment! 🙂


“Thank you everybody for kicking in we are so excited for the next chapter of the SBKbar.  We got this video of one of the pieces of the equipment your dough is going to it’s pretty cool, and we will keep you posted as we get this thing moving (did we say thanks to you, yeah thanks to you).” – Sauce & Bread Kitchen

Voted The Best Halloween in Chicago: How many kids do you get?

Halloween kid candy frenzy is upon us again! (1100+ kids last year)

Voted “The Best Halloween in Chicago” 5 years in a row by Edgewater Glen Daily

Hope everyone has started stockpiling & planning their porch parties to hand out candy to all the kiddos. Come on out and enjoy the fun in the neighborhood with the little ones and their incredible costumes.


Join the Edgewater Glen Halloween Event