Help keep production of Sauce & Bread’s SBK Bars local to the Hood!

Hey Folks!

We are lucky to have Sauce and Bread Kitchen as a neighbor helping improve the quality of life and vitality on a tricky stretch of Clark. Check the link to their Kickstarter campaign below if you would like to help them be able to keep up with demand, avoid the factory and keep production of their fantastically popular SBK Bars local to the area.

Feel free to share with the neighbors!

Thanks for the heads up Elyse ūüôā – Elmdale Avenue Neighbor


Kickstarter Campaign:

 Help us grow without compromise.

Your contribution will help to streamline the packaging, design, and sustainability of the beloved SBK Bar.

SBK Bars: A Love Story

The SBK Bar has taken off! We are thrilled, honored, not to mention excited for what the future may hold. But damn we’re sweaty and wow do our wrists feel sore. We’re currently spending waaay too much time on packaging these bad boys– the bag making, filling, sealing, stickering, and boxing, to be specific– and not enough time dreaming up delicious new concoctions at SBK. Doing the whole process by hand is crazytown when you sell over 15,000 bars in just under nine months!

Fantastic problem to have, but nevertheless one that needs some solving if we’re going to keep up.

Factory Driven (Away).

We’ve looked into having them co-packed (sending the recipes and packaging off to a factory that will do the process for us, assembly-line style), but ultimately, it takes too much control away. You tell them the ingredients, but lose say over where they’re sourced. This is huge for us, because we pride ourselves not only on maintaining quality control over our ingredients, but on sourcing them as close to home as possible.

Also, the co-packers we identified that could help us with the SBK Bar are really far away! We’re talking West Coast and B.C. Canada far away, thousands and thousands of miles from sweet home Chicago. Not exactly eco-friendly in terms of a carbon footprint– we estimated that one-way, a truckload of bars coming from B.C. would produce around 1,000 kg of carbon into the atmosphere. That’s only one trip, one-way. Unacceptable.

Last but definitely not least, keeping the process in-house will keep and create jobs at SBK. The money we save from having the equipment at home will allow us to hire more people, both in the kitchen and on the sales side, so we can expand into more markets and retailers, as well as do more demos. In the end, it will help better get Us to You.

Bottom line, we want to avoid the factory.

All we need is some relatively simple, small-sized machinery of our own to make this happen (and you, of course).

The Wonderful World of Pneumatic Cutting.

Step one is getting a pneumatic cutter. This is not a medieval torture device, so get that out of your head. No way– this machine will slice and dice a tray of baked SBK bars perfectly, leaving them ready to be packaged. What normally takes us a minimum of 15 minutes per tray will now take less than a minute, saving us the strain and allowing us to get back to the part we love, the baking.

The next step is getting what’s known as a DoBoy. This piece of equipment will bag, seal, and box those¬†perfectly cut bars in no time flat. Our new best friend.

Can’t Knock The Flow.

A tangential but essential goal for us is designing new packaging for the SBK Bar. But not just any old wrapper will do. The one we’ve got our eye on and the one that works with the Dough Boy is called a flowrapper. It’s pretty much what you’d imagine a granola bar wrapper to be, but we want to design it ourselves and make sure it’s eco-friendly. We’re currently researching and pricing this part out, but know that a portion of your Kickstarter contribution will go towards helping make the SBK Bar as sustainable as can be.

Risks and challenges

We’ve challenged ourself to find eco-friendly, sustainable packaging for the SBK Bar and we’re still on the hunt. We’re currently researching and price-shopping to find the best wrapper alive.

Another challenge is finding the space to put our shiny new equipment– we currently have three entities (SBK, Co-op Sauce, and Crumb Chicago) all operating under one roof in Roger Waters. There’s a lot going on (the way we like it), but do not fear Kickstarters, we are masters of Tetris.”

One Week Left!! SBK Needs Your Love More Than Ever!!


Due to overwhelming neighborhood demand Sauce and Bread Kitchen will be opening later on weekdays 12-7 for all of the neighborhoods Sauce and Bread needs.

Backyard Front Yard: Are you rain ready?

rainbarrelThere sure we’re¬†some pretty major puddles in the neighborhood this¬†weekend.¬†Are you rain ready?

One of our Hood Avenue neighbors sent us a link to our city rain barrel program this weekend if folks are interested in learning more. Our yards offer some of the quickest and most affordable opportunities to manage water.

Chicago Tribune: Roll out the Barrel and help your garden grow

Houzz: Rain Barrel Home Design Photos

There are a few reference vidoes from the Center for Neighborhood Technology’s¬†Wetrofit Program¬†below¬†(try to say that out loud with a straight face)

Sure everything is about to be a solid block of ice but spring is just around the corner! ūüėČ

Thanks for the neighbor submission Tara.

Rain Barrels

Property Assessment

Home Improvements

Green Roofs

Neighborhood History: What Makes a Neighborhood, Anyway?

Well this looks right up our alley.

“With the advent of social media, the internet and global ‚Äúcommunities‚ÄĚ of interest, is the
geographic neighborhood still an important distinction in our lives?”

More wonderful exhibits & events about our neighborhood from the Edgewater Historical Society. Mark your calendar!


Professor Ann Durkin Keating
Saturday, October 18, 2014 at 9:30 a.m.
Broadway Armory Park – 5917 N. Broadway

“Join us to explore the important questions of what makes up community identity, with
Professor Ann Keating Durkin, who has written extensively on the history of Chicago’s
neighborhoods — a great context to also consider Edgewater‚Äôs past and future.

The Edgewater Community Area has a population of 56,521 with 15 block club
neighborhoods and with a strong condo association presence on Sheridan Road. We coexist
within a mere 1.5 square miles, with one of the highest densities in the city, yet we still have
individual neighborhood identities, and there is still a strong historic identity as Edgewater.
With the advent of social media, the internet and global ‚Äúcommunities‚ÄĚ of interest, is the
geographic neighborhood still an important distinction in our lives? Will parishes, local schools
and block clubs continue to be the backbone of our community infrastructures?

Dr. Keating holds the Dr. C. Frederick Toenniges Professorship at North Central College,
where she is a history professor and chair of the History Department. Co-Editor of The
Encyclopedia of Chicago, Dr. Keating has authored several books on Chicago’s
neighborhoods and suburbs, including:

Chicago Neighborhoods and Suburbs: A Historical Guide

Chicagoland: City and Suburbs in the Railroad Age

Building Chicago: Suburban Developers and the Creation of a Divided Metropolis

Rising Up from Indian Country: The Battle of Fort Dearborn and the Birth of Chicago

Edgewater Glen Halloween House Contest!

26 days left until…

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 (Selfies by Chucky)

…the most incredible Halloween neighborhood for kiddos (and adults)¬†comes alive!

We’ve already started noticing corn stalks & spider webs sprouting up all over¬†the hood. Looks like the neighborhood is really kicking it up a notch this year.

If you, your partner, and/or family would like to participate in our first annual, Edgewater Glen “Creepy Halloween House Contest” send us¬†a few wonderful photos of your yard decorations for the trick-or-treaters. We will post a gallery with everyone’s halloween masterpieces the morning of the 31st for the neighborhood to check out before raking in the candy.

Surely everyone has already started planning their Halloween porch parties to help hand out candy¬†to the thousands of kids. Tick tock… ūüôā

Good luck lasting past 8:30!

Halloween Photo Submissions:

Neighborhood Theater: Women at War – A world premiere!

Hi Neighbors!

Rivendell Theatre Ensemble has just begun their 20th anniversary season. If you enjoy local theatre right in your own backyard, check out their first production later this month. It looks like it will be an engaging performance.

Thanks for the neighbor submission Susan G.

Women at War

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(Photos by Joe Mazza at Brave-Lux)

October 30 ‚Äď December 6, 2014¬†

Written by Megan Carney

Directed by Artistic Director Tara Mallen

A debate rages over whether females should serve on the front lines, yet more women are being sent into combat than ever before. Woven from first-person interviews with women who have laid their lives on these lines, this new theatrical work is the result of four years of intensive research and first person interviews with women who have served. Working closely with veterans and organizations, WOMEN AT WAR explores the multifaceted world of female soldiers–from enlistment to deployment to the complicated return home.

Following each Saturday 4:00PM matinee performance, audiences are invited to join in a vital discussions about how we can better understand and honor these women warriors. Military, student, and senior discounted tickets are available.

Join us for WOMEN AT WAR, the first production of our 20th season, RTE@20. Visit for tickets, directions, free parking details, and more information about the show. Or call our office at 773-334-7728.

Neighborhood Poll: Are you OK with Whole Foods having a wine bar?

Well folks – Today is the day…

We are half expecting this evening’s, highly anticipated, unveiling of renovation plans for our abandoned Dominick’s to be the neighborhood equivalent of One Direction making a surprise appearance at the block¬†party on Glenlake & Glenwood.

Nevertheless, a bunch of us¬†in the neighborhood we’re wondering if folks¬†really have concerns about their (presumed) plans to have a liquor license and a wine bar similar to the new Mariano’s? If you would like to participate, we thought it might be interesting to take an initial pulse of the neighborhood with a little online poll here.

(We will leave this, completely unofficial and informal, poll live for a few days incase you feel like waiting until after the plans are revealed. You should be able to come back and view the results at any time)

Sure, you’re probably not going to be hanging out there on a Saturday night¬†with all¬†the¬†wonderful, locally owned, bars & restaurants¬†in Edgewater but…

Are you ok with Whole Foods having a liquor license & wine bar in it?

We’re looking forward to seeing the plans & getting a better understanding of what all the red tape is about.¬†See you tonight!

UPDATE 9:00am: We are hearing unsubstantiated rumors around the neighborhood that a (real) vote may actually take place at the community meeting tonight. If you would like to see the plans and have your voice heard, attend in person.

UPDATE 10:00pm: Well the rumors we’re true. After a standing room only presentation¬†this evening, Harry held a neighborhood vote for both the lifting of the moratorium to allow for the selling of package goods as well as for customers to consume on the premises. Both were¬†unanimously approved by neighborhood residents.

Extra Extra: Edgewater Glen makes it to Wikipedia


We thought this might be of interest to a few folks in the neighborhood…

In¬†doing some neighborhood research, we stumbled upon (what seems to be) a relatively new addition of a section devoted to Edgewater Glen on Wikipedia’s main Edgewater Neighborhood Entry (link).

If you are curious, here is how it reads at this point in time:

Edgewater Glen

“Edgewater Glen is located just north of the Andersonville neighborhood. Its namesake comes from the tree-lined Glenwood Ave. which is a residential north-south street within the heart of Edgewater. Not only are the exact boundaries are somewhat unclear but, according to one source, include Devon Ave. to the north, Broadway Ave. to the east, Hollywood/Ridge Ave. to the south, and Clark/Ashland St. to the west. The name Edgewater Glen is most often referred to a real estate neighborhood and is not recognized as one of Chicago’s official neighborhoods. A local residents and businesses organization called Edgewater Glen Association, incorporated in the 1970s and which is recognized by the Edgewater Community Council, has boundaries of Granville (north), Broadway (east), Norwood (south), and Clark/Ashland (west).”

–¬†Wikipedia’s Edgewater Neighborhood Entry¬†¬†(link)

Related WBEZ Story

Backyard Front Yard: Bulb Planting Season in The Glen

Well folks… it is starting to be that time of year¬†again. It sure would be fun to see a bunch of yellow tulips sprouting all over the neighborhood next spring.

Just thought we would put that out there ūüôā

Happy planting!

When to Plant Tulips in Chicago 

More Bulb Planting & Care Information


Whole Foods Community Meeting: October 2nd

See you there!


Thursday at 6:30pm

Edgewater Library 6000 N. Broadway

“Come to a community meeting for a Whole Foods Market presentation and their request for a liquor license. 2nd floor community room of the library. The purpose of this meeting is for Whole Foods Market to present its plans for a new store at 6009 N. Broadway and to discuss the lifting of the moratorium to allow for the selling of package goods as well as for customers to consume on the premises. Whole Foods Market and their attorney will be on hand to talk about this request and to answer any questions you might have.Your attendance and input are extremely important in regards to this project. If you have any questions please call the 48th Ward‚Äôs Public Service Office at 773-784-5277 or email to” – Edgewater Chamber of Commerce

Neighborhood History: Recognize the fork in the road?

Wow… If you haven’t had a chance to stop in to our Edgewater Historical Society yet to check out all the wonderful treasures they have, do it.

What a neighborhood gem!

Recognize this intersection with train tracks down the middle?