Drumroll: Our Edgefest stats are in!

Wow! What a cool infographic from the chamber highlighting the local economic impact of our 3rd annual neighborhood street festival.

Thanks for the submission Patricia! (Hood Avenue Neighbor)


Divvy Expansion to The Hood

An interesting discussion on Divvy expansion (to our neighborhood as well as the rest of the city) and the effect the popular bike sharing program is having on local biking

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New Divvy stations coming to The Glen! (2015)


Extra Extra: We’ve Been “Discovered”!

Well Folks…

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone but it looks like we’ve been voted Chicago’s “Most Underrated Neighborhood” by Time Out Chicago!

We still love you too Logan 🙂


Around the Hood: City Made Fest Band Lineup!

City Made Fest

If you missed out on the inaugural City Made Fest last year, time to mark your calendars. This was easily Edgewater’s best little underground block party featuring local businesses, brewers and artists from all across Chicago — right in our town center.

It looks like our A-ville friends & neighbors have lined up a great group of local Chicago bands this year. See you in town!

Lightfoils (Website)


Son Monarchas (Website)



Sure Fire Groove (Website)



Jason Maek & Zaena (Website)





Deanna Devore (Website)


Congress of Starlings (Website)



Stann Champion’s Roots Rock Society (Website)


Antony & The Tramps (Website)



Brent Kimbrough & Company Quintet (Website)





Neighborhood History: Ridge before & after

Ever wonder how our quaint Clark & Ridge intersection got to be the way it is today?

Arguably not one of our neighborhood’s finest moments in urban design & planning… we came across this fascinating animated gif of the Hollywood extension of Lake Shore Drive into the neighborhood sometime between 1952 & 1962. It is like a gigantic snow plow drove right through Magnolia Glen. We thought it might be interesting to some of our neighborhood history buffs.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We’re always on the lookout for historical images of the neighborhood. If you find any cool old photos in your attic that might be fun to share with the neighbors, send ’em in!

Email: edgeglendaily@gmail.com

Eco Andersonville’s Pop-up Park & Market

Looking for something fun to do with family & friends this weekend?


Pop-up Market

Check out Eco Andersonville’s Pop-up Park & Market this Friday, August 29th.

A number of us stumbled upon this little gem in Andersonville earlier this summer. We are thrilled it is making a second appearance. There will be bocce ball, corn hole, live music and an outdoor movie showing later in the evening.

If there is any interest in the neighborhood, maybe we could organize something similar in Edgewater Glen next summer!

Neighborhood Poll!

We thought it would be fun for the neighbors to see where folks are tuning in from.

If you have a moment let us know!


(note: this is an anonymous poll and the results will be displayed to everyone as percentages)

Extra Extra: New Divvy stations coming to The Glen! (2015)

Between the new Metra stop in the neighborhood, a brand new Whole Foods, and Divvy stations on Clark & Broadway… it looks like it is going to be a great year for the neighborhood!

According to DNA Info Chicago our new Edgewater Glen locations will be at North Broadway and Granville Avenue (sidewalk, curbside) & Clark Street and Granville (sidewalk, building-side)

New Divvy Stations on Far North, South, West Sides Announced (MAP)


Backyard Front Yard: Hummers in the Hood


Hummers in the Hood

“No, we are not talking about the extra large-scale SUVs, but rather, the very small-scale hummingbirds that have been frequenting our garden. So small, we sometimes think they are dragonflies, and very quick, the ruby-throated hummingbird is sometimes hard to see, let alone get a decent photo of. They will be migrating south to Mexico soon to overwinter, but should be back next May. Attract the colorful males with hummingbird feeders or attract the less-flashy females with nectar-rich flowers and maybe she will decide to spend the summer and raise a family in your backyard. After hatching young the females will only eat from flowers (not feeders) so if you really want a show, consider doing both.

The hummers in our garden really show a preference for scarlet bee balm, but other flowers that should attract them include trumpet creeper and weigela. If any neighbors have additional recommendations for flowers to attract hummingbirds, by all means let us know!”

– Tara (Hood Avenue Neighbor)

Want to grow your business & make new friends in the neighborhood?

Buy Local

Part of the concept for this site grew out of the desire to bring folks in the neighborhood together and foster new friendships across all our little block party jurisdictions.

We are also all about buying local and supporting our Edgewater Glen economy over here. It has been said that for every $1 spent at local businesses, 45¢ is reinvested locally. We can’t think of better way to make new friends, meet your neighbors and support our local neighborhood economy than by using our neighbors services!

FYI – If you live in Edgewater Glen and own your own business, we would be happy to feature your business in our “Local Businesses” postings so the neighbors can know about you.  Or… if you just want to be listed in the Local Businesses section we can do that as well. Feel free to drop us a line so we can beef up that section for everyone in the neighborhood.

Email: edgeglendaily@gmail.com

Buy Local Campaign Thrives in Chicago Neighborhoods

One month until City Made Fest!