The Edgewater Map

The Interactive Edgewater Map

The Edgewater Map is a continually evolving community map that may be of interest to residents of Edgewater. You can turn different layers of local data on and off to see it presented on the map of Edgewater (scroll down to see directions for showing different layers).

Current layers you can turn on & off:

(1) Edgewater Block Club Map
(2) Edgewater portion of the 48th Ward Map
(3) Edgewater portion of the 40th Ward Map
(4) Locally Owned Businesses (i.e owned by neighbors that live here as well)
(5) Average Traffic Volume
(6) Edgewater Green Roofs
(7) Edgewater Bike Racks
(8) Red Light Traffic Camera Locations
(9) Community Victory Gardens (Peterson Garden Project)
(10) New Divvy stations

How to use The Edgewater Map:

You can turn on and off different layers of The Edgewater Map.

Local Business Map-02

Local Business Map-01

Help us make The Edgewater Map more accurate:

We could use your help making this map as accurate as possible for everyone. If you have information for your Edgewater Block Club that is missing in the table below please submit it so we can continue to refine this.


Block Club Websites & Email Contacts (Is yours missing? Send it in!) :

Want to get involved with your local community?  Connect with your block club.

Let’s add your locally owned business to the map

We will add a place marker for your business, your business name, website and say which block club area you (the owner) live in. No names or personal information will be added to the map.

You can email your information to be added to or submit it using the online form below.

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