EGA’s Fall meeting is Oct 6th. Mark your calendars friends!

Hi Neighbors! If you live in Edgewater Glen and want to meet your neighbors from other parts of The Glen, come up to EGA’s Fall Meeting. The meeting will take place on Monday, October 6 at 7:00 PM in St. Gertrude’s Social Hall (SW corner of Granville and Glenwood). Please feel free to share with friends who live in the neighborhood but may not be connected on here.

Trying to figure out which Edgewater block club you belong to? Checkout the Edgewater Block Club Map and contact information here.

Thanks for the submission Steve. We are looking forward to meeting everyone!

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“The annual fall meeting of the Edgewater Glen Association (EGA) will be on Monday, October 6 at the St. Gertrude’s Social Hall at the SW corner of Glenwood and Granville.

We expect to have a presentation by the Edgewater Chamber Executive Director as well as other speakers. Refreshments begin at 6:30 and the meeting will start at 7 PMEGA is one of the oldest continuously operating neighborhood associations in the city. Dues are $10.00 a year.

If you live within the boundaries of the Glen (Broadway to Clark, south side of Granville to Norwood), please join us.”

– Steve Meiss, Board Member and Past President EGA

Extra Extra: New Divvy stations coming to The Glen! (2015)

Between the new Metra stop in the neighborhood, a brand new Whole Foods, and Divvy stations on Clark & Broadway… it looks like it is going to be a great year for the neighborhood!

According to DNA Info Chicago our new Edgewater Glen locations will be at North Broadway and Granville Avenue (sidewalk, curbside) & Clark Street and Granville (sidewalk, building-side)

New Divvy Stations on Far North, South, West Sides Announced (MAP)


Want to grow your business & make new friends in the neighborhood?

Buy Local

Part of the concept for this site grew out of the desire to bring folks in the neighborhood together and foster new friendships across all our little block party jurisdictions.

We are also all about buying local and supporting our Edgewater Glen economy over here. It has been said that for every $1 spent at local businesses, 45¢ is reinvested locally. We can’t think of better way to make new friends, meet your neighbors and support our local neighborhood economy than by using our neighbors services!

FYI – If you live in Edgewater Glen and own your own business, we would be happy to feature your business in our “Local Businesses” postings so the neighbors can know about you.  Or… if you just want to be listed in the Local Businesses section we can do that as well. Feel free to drop us a line so we can beef up that section for everyone in the neighborhood.

Email: edgeglendaily@gmail.com

Buy Local Campaign Thrives in Chicago Neighborhoods

One month until City Made Fest!

Around the Hood: The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse

Ever wonder what the backstory is behind our lovely neighborhood lighthouse?

“In 2010 The Edgewater Community Council (ECC) chose to celebrate it’s 50th anniversary with a ‘Lighting the Way’ Lighthouse Crawl.  Businesses were asked to sponsor over 20 wooden lighthouses built by  the Volini brothers Mike and Dave.  The theme was symbolic of ECC’s lakefront location, warmth of home, safe harbor and its commitment to serve the people of Edgewater.

This  fundraiser would help continue this mission while drawing attention to the many art and community activities in Edgewater. Because Darryl and I love this community we decided to sponsor a lighthouse and were 1 of two private homes that did so.  Each sponsor was to decorate the lighthouse in a unique manner consistent with the mission and theme of ECC. 

We immediately collaborated with Jeanne and John Riley, our resident Hood artists who designed, painted and developed the stained glass waves.  The many colored glass pieces directly under the solar light represent the diversity in the community, the orange slivers the rising sun, the small glass pieces the night stars and the many hues of blue the lake front waters.  At the bottom there are still some remnants of sand from the beach but most has washed away over the years. 

Once all the lighthouses were complete there was a grand parade and viewing of them at Gethsemane.  They also had sponsored 2 10 foot houses which lasted for about 2 years.  Subsequently each business located their lighthouse outside of their business and a map was provided by ECC so folks could walk around and view them at their leisure.  Because of the harsh winter we are beginning to see a decline in the wooden base and do not expect our dear lighthouse to last another.  Jeanne and I are currently  trying to think of a way to save the top portion and continue displaying our beloved lighthouse.”

– Patricia (Hood Avenue Neighbor)

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